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How can I make successful referrals?

Becoming a super-connector is easy!
As long as you apply the right method 🤓

For a successful referral, all three people involved must benefit ☝️

As a connector, make sure you know the people you want to connect.

And ask yourself the right questions:

⭐Are their needs aligned?
⭐Are their personalities compatible?
⭐Are their skills complementary?
⭐Are their professional ethics compatible?

To make fruitful referrals, you must have a bit of a psychologist mindset 🧐

Take an interest in your network, listen, create conversations to deepen your relationships 🤗

And most importantly, become a reference for kindness and trust!

You are now ready to become a super-connector, the Refer sphere is waiting for you 🤩

Take action now...

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Updated on: 25/04/2023

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